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Acetalent is different! Having been employees ourselves for many business industries including other employment agencies, we have discovered what not to do as an employment agency by learning from their mistakes. Before opening our doors we conducted extensive research into what the Clients and Candidates really want from an employment agency but currently do not receive. We are here to change that!

Honesty & quality customer service

  • We never make promises we cannot keep, Clients and Candidates alike.

No Obligation

  • There is no obligation to employ any candidates presented to you

Error Free

  • Strives to provide error-free services while continuing to engineer excellent opportunities as we promote personal employee and customer growth

Various Options

  • We don’t just advertise positions on the internet job boards, we have many other unique ways to attract the very best candidates.

Its Free

  • We do not charge a single cent until you have decided to employ a candidate presented to you

We Care

  • We also do not have hundreds of desks consultants all working on commission so they don’t care who fills the job as long as its filled and they get but we have a few consultant who is interested in satisfaction in getting the right man for the right job

Strong Team

  • We have a strong team who are all experienced in recruitment but also have experience working in different sectors, so we really know the background to a position


  • We are passionate about what we do and have great satisfaction when we pair a candidate with a client and they fit perfectly

Close Contact

  • We keep in close contact with client and candidate to make sure the relationship is still going well and are here to help you with any problems.

Recruitment Methodology

Candidate Sourcing

  • Candidate database
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Career / Campus fairs
  • Client co-branding
  • Referrals
  • Trade associations
  • Social network services
  • Campus relations
  • Job portals
  • Ground search

Reference checking

  • Short-listing of suitable candidates

Job Requisition

  • Receipt & acknowledgement of job order
  • Refine job description, candidate requirements and other assignment information

Interview with Us

  • Interview to assess suitability
  • Candidate testing & assessment
  • Presentation of short-list to Client

Interview with Client

  • Scheduling of interviews
  • Feedback management
  • Reference checking


  • Induction & orientation


Don’t hesitate to ask any question, we will be happy to assist.